About us

Hello visitors! We hope you enjoy our site here at Leo'z Arts. What makes us different from other art company is that we believe in artistic beauty and true ascetics in our normal everyday societal world.

Also Leo'z Arts is one of the only companies which has all artistic services in one place. We have a strong team of artists specializing in particular and specific fields and having years of experience in what they are doing.

As you have seen on our home page our services span from the entertainment arts to business science arts such as logos, signs, etc.

So what is entertainment arts? This is where we can create and customize our services for your needs for yourself or as creative presents for your friends and loved ones.

If you are a business owner you also can find Leo'z Arts useful. For instance we can help you to stand out from your competitors by designing your logo branding, trademark and insignia from small mom and pap businesses to iconic corporate logos. I'm sure you all know how well done logos and sighs are vitally important for advertising your business. 

If you want to decorate your place - home or office, you can do it with us! We offer timeless fine art paintings and photography that can make any place more personable, beautiful and monumental.

As you see every day is special. And Leo'z Arts is all about commemorating those special memories and moments, that last a life time through the medium of fine arts and photography.

So let's meet the artists a little closer...

Leon Partap. 

This is the person who always had passion to art since early age. He spend his childhood in the Caribbean islands which influenced his life as an artist. Leon likes to experiment with all art forms which makes his works unique and interesting. His religion and devotion is through the arts. Now living in Florida he continues to stay inspired and hold true his calling. Having the degree in the commercial art helped him to structure his artistic and professional life in creating Leo'z Arts. Remembering the classic artists of old he sees art as timeless, truthful, controversial, beautiful and rewarding to the humanities and society as a whole. Leon is one of the most valuable members of Leo'z Arts since he can do pretty much all services starting from a simple illustration to complex design and fine art work.

Elena Partap. 

Elena was born and raised in Russia. Nordic nature and long artistic history of the biggest landmass influenced her to appreciate beauty and pass it to people through the art. She spend her childhood in the art college where she was surrounded by traditional art - paintings and sculpture. After coming to beautiful Florida she combines Russian classical style and modern impressionism. Now she's been working professionally in the art field for many years. She keeps being devoted to realism which makes her a good creative painter and photographer. Her motto is: "Let's appreciate the beauty again". You can see examples of her fine art paintings, portraits and photography here at Leo'z Arts. This is the person you will meet to have that timeless photography done, silhouettes or to book that special day or event.

Ksenia and Alexander.

The appreciation of form and design resonate with these two artists. With their field of study abroad - professional furniture rendering and mastery of AutoCad aided design makes them valuable for Leo'z Arts. After graduating university they immediately started working for the biggest Russian, German and Swedish companies. For those companies and private individuals who needs interior design, furniture decor rendering and more please contact us here at Leo'z arts and we can insure you that Ksenia and Alexander will provide the best quality.















For employment opportunities send the completed application below to contact@leozarts.com with at least 3 examples of your artwork.

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